Monday, March 16, 2009

Tourism In Klamath Falls, Oregon

Because FREEDOM is a thorn in the side of Tyranny and

Oregon Tourism

  • The message from Oregon Federal Courts for women: Excessive force, unreasonable seizure of her and her bike, falsifying police reports and malicious prosecution have been authorized. See the Oregon News.
  • California stuffs you with education you cannot use in Oregon. If you were raised in California as a professional woman, expect to be treated as the "farmers daughter." Female gender discrimination is definite. For instance, men are allowed to reside in the mountains of Bly illegally while women are harassed by rogue cops and their menacing punks.
  • When you arrive in Oregon, expect lots of strange bugs. California has earthquakes and fires, but Oregon has bugs. For instance the pine beetle epidemic that threatens our national forests.
  • Law enforcement can target and treat you as a "terrorist" because you report crime. Once you become noticed expect to have a wrongful death action filed. Law enforcement love to use their sirens. Accidents can mysteriously occur while driving on their snow ridden streets and highways. (We have an epidemic of bicycle accidents)
  • Although the judicial courts in this county discourage defamation, statutes, local law, the rule of law, case law and set precedent does not matter and litigation only prevails if you have an attorney from such universities as Harvard vs Princeton, Columbia vs Suffolk, or whatever law school the Judge prefers.

There seems to be 1,000's of Klamath County Law Enforcement Officers slithering back and forth, back and forth, to "discourage crime."

California steals your children for minor reasons. Oregon doesn't take the children until they are half dead. (Foster child's death gets attention of lawmakers); (Gresham foster kids abused despite DHS checks)

California is a prison state. Oregon wants to be a prison state.

Miscellaneous Ruses and Guises Conducted

Be careful when taking DMV tests in Oregon. Each written test is $5 and you must answer all trick questions correctly so you won't have to come back and pay another $5.
Refunds will be justified with *^%^#@+)=?

In desperate attempts to violate the law, a new scheme, endorsed by the American Bar Association, is to send out improper and ambiguous "30-Day Notice" to tenants in anonymous names. You will return it to the Post Office and find yourself out on the lawn when the Judge orders you to evacuate your home within 4 days. (If you open someone elses mail you can stand Federal charges)

The opposing lawyer then declares "under penalty of perjury" the 30-Notice was never returned. The Judge declares in the commission of his duties, "ALL unknown occupants received proper notice."

This is not the first time these sub-human beings wait until the freeze to kick you out in the streets in reprisal for cross complaints.

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