Monday, January 12, 2009

The Van Of Anne Frank

Mrs. Van Daan thinks a thief may never tell that they are in hiding. ...

Coming soon, the new blog, "The Van of Anne Frank". Why the "snitchers" don't "snitch" on themselves. Snitchers who commit crimes while reporting others, as in the case of Anne Franks' family, the thief who eventually exposed them.

Survival Kit While Camping In the Sub-Zero tempertures of the Snow
  • Several containers of Clorox Wipes and Sanitizers-For constant obsessive handwashing.
  • Antioxidant juices- It's 100% daily requirements of veggies and fruits and helps counteract the kerosene fumes lodging in your lungs.
  • Macademia and cashew nuts for quick protein when your hypoglycemia kicks in. Also, helps with your financial budget when your food stamp worker cuts your food stamps below standard.
  • Ice chest-Don't forget, you don't need to buy ice. Just watch out for dog droppings under the snow.
  • Plastic boxes to store your hygiene products.
  • Sheep skin rug for your freezing feet on the freezing floor of your vehicle.
  • DVD player-Free movies at the library while waiting for the complainers to drive by.
  • A vicious dog to alude visitors.
  • Photos of your wife to keep you warm.


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