Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How Would You Create Child Protective Services?

By My FB Friend Mad Angel

If you were given the task to create an agency that protected children from abuse (still protecting our rights of freedom of government intrusions) what would it look like.

1. How would you deal with a family who has been called in on many times for screaming around the kids?

2. What if a child shows up at school or at the doctor's office with unexplainable bruises?

3. Would you be able to question a charismatic person and know if they lock their children in a closet everyday, and starve them.

4.When would you feel that removal is the best idea over keeping the family together.

5. How would you deal with a child who claims a parent is sexually abusing them (and no proof) but the child seems very scared. (And the parent denies the accusation)

6. How would you define the best interest of the child?

7. What would your definitions and guild lines be to define abuse and neglect that warrant a government intervention.

8. How would you handle a claim from a parent about a caseworkers possible abuse of power.

9. What would be the penalties for false calls to the child abuse hotline.

10. Would you in force doctors and teachers to call in on child abuse without worry of possible retaliation.

11. What services would you provide families to prevent removal of children.

12. Would a child have to remain in the home suffering possible abuse until after a trial.

13. Should preponderance of evidence be removed even though molested children could not produce evidence.

14. Should the standard of evidence be decided on the type of abuse allegations

15. If parents and children fear their abuser and the only time they finally have the courage to expose it is during a divorce, should their concerns just be ignored.

16. Should parents be allowed to claim abuse without evidence to be granted full custody of the children.

17. Should parents be monitored in outdoor or public setting with their children and take parenting classes with their children before deciding on who should have custodial custody.
(And at that time shouldn't the child's opinion also matter)

18. Should cps be allowed to remove children because of possible future abuse from their parents actions or should cps be allowed to closely monitor parents if cps fears possible future abuse.

19. Should a mental disability be considered as a possible threat of harm if the parents and child show genuine love and bond.

20. If cps is concerned with abuse should they first get a court order allowing them to enter your home and take pictures before removing a child.

There are so many aspects to child protection. We've seen how cps works, and what doesn't work. So what changes would you make.

Just wondering!!!!

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