Sunday, January 26, 2014


HOUSTON – Child Protective Services Is Being Ordered To Stay Away From A Child Mother accuses CPS of neglecting child

Moms: Don't let your child go through foster hell. Don't let CPS "legally" abduct your child. CHECK OUT this template of a letter to send to your elected officials and to candidates running for office IMMEDIATELY


We have a huge government agency, Child Protective Services (CPS), that takes advantage of parents who do not understand or know their rights. CPS stated on their own website that 95% of CPS cases are unfounded, innocent. Children are taken without a warrant and through ambushes, with children and babies literally being pulled from the mother's arms.

Many CPS workers make statements that no one, absolutely no one, not even the law tells them how to do their job. Re-unification is never an option. CPS caseworkers tell parents "If you _ (FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS)_ the children come home" or "If you listen to your attorney you will lose your children" or "Tomorrow at court I will tell the judge to reunite you with your children", it is all lies.

If only you could hear the screams of the children and mothers when they must end their visits, it is heartbreaking. This country is at a crisis where foster homes are not safe and many children are dying at an alarming rate.

There is data that supports that child abuse is declining, CPS representatives lie to legislators and withhold this data.

There is also data that supports that children are safer at home with their innocent parents who love them and care for them, than they are in "CARE".

The movement to shut down CPS has gained ground across the nation, we are voters, we vote, we have the numbers.

We must end Kinder Holocaust. We are asking in every state, WE WANT TO KNOW : "Where do you stand?"




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