Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Clarifications Of Identified Problems With Child Human Rights Due January 15, 2014

The U.S. Department of Justice Wants Court Licensed Abuse Cases!  Send yours in to help document and stop this epidemic. Concerned [Protective] parents were elated this week when a much awaited segue for them to speak came forward as an invitation from the federal government, asking for clarifications on identified problems with:
  • child human rights in court, 
  • family rights in court and the lack of a uniform structure to respond to child sex abuse investigations, 
  • child abuse investigations and placement of children with a parent who is not known to them, 
  • has committed crimes against the other parent or is convicted of crimes that put the child at risk in their care. ...
The US Department of Justice is ready now to consider cases of chaos caused by State child and family courts. USDOJ is calling for child custody outlines in a format. The purpose of providing the outline is for the writer to simply and systematically give structured information regarding the problem case in question. 

The US Department of Justice wants timelines of these outrageous cases." Follow the guideline given here and send it to Mary Seguin at by January 15, 2014:

Keep At It!  We Are Winning.

5 CPS supervisors are put on leave Governor forms an independent task force to probe agency’s disregard of abuse cases

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