Monday, February 4, 2013

Help Locate An Child Abuser

J:  "If I found him I would eviscerate him through his anus with a hooked proboscis" K:  Gee, J, that's the most intellectual thing I've heard you say in a long time:)

PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE EVERYWHERE! We are attempting to help the police find Dusty Wes Edwards, who attacked Melanie Dennison's 4 yr old daughter. He was Melanie's EX- boyfriend and he beat 4 yr old, Jewel, with a belt from her head to her legs. She went to the police and filed charges against him. He then fled the state and went to Arkansas. His name is DUSTY WES EDWARDS. He is 32 years old brown hair, green eyes, has scars from being burned from his face to his waist. He is in a 2008 Nissan titan champagne in color LSU sticker on back sliding glass window and a batesville motors auto dealership sticker on the tailgate tinted windows extended cab with damage on passenger side front bumper. Please share everywhere, and contact police if you see this "man".

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