Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bashing Babies Heads Against The Rocks

Kini Cosma says: You have to remember in WW2, the Nazi's favorite past time was taking the children by the feet and bashing their heads against the wall to see the blood splatter. 

Just like in the Holocaust, the child protective agency starts the situation with frivolous nit picking then it esculates to, well, violence. The human nature and character has not changed  much and we disguise this form of brutality with "what's in the best interest of the child". I could go around all day long finding fault with people. But, really, it's about making money as it was the Nazi Holocaust!  

The child's mental health does not matter because they would not do what they are doing, i.e. shifting them from foster care to foster care, telling parents lies that if they take parenting classes, find a home, go to mental health, get on medication, go to school, get a job, go to A.A. and N.A. while never intending to reunite the parents with the child. Here in substitution of bloody head injuries, the child becomes traumatized and crippled for life. 

Some Things Never Change

In the land now called Palestine and Israel, a people called the Canaanites worshiped a great Fire God they called Moloch, who thrived off the sacrifice of new born Canaanite babies. All of the law-abiding, religious folk back then dutifully tossed their kids into the flames to insure a good harvest to keep the system working. 

Apparently, the Canaanite parents had the option of handing over their children to professionals to immolate, sparing them anguish and doubts about the system. In the same way, Canadian parents handed over their own children at birth to a Moloch system to register, process, "educate", care for and ultimately use those innocents like cattle, including by routinely culling and slaughtering them. (Lev.. 18& Lev 20)

Lawless America said:

I am alive and decidedly not well after observing two hours of the hearing on termination of parental rights of Irene Holmes and Tim Kittleson. It was one of the most ridiculous, frustrating experiences of my life to sit there. A so-called social worker named Mr. Pettit gave testimony on why the parental rights should be terminated. He said it was because one child sprayed another with a water gun; one child was climbing on a couch; and sometimes the children are seen overeating. Then a woman who claimed to be a psychologist or some such thing with a masters made no sense at all when she talked about the anger the eldest child showed after being moved from foster home to foster home. She gave no explanation as to how this relates to termination of parental rights.

The attorneys for Irene and Tim were nice, but I would have been asking what in the world any of this has to do with terminating parental rights. I was pleased to learn that the video I shot of Irene will be played for the court.

Judge Christine Pomeroy has already long since taken four children from these sweet folks, so it does not look good.  Their only "offense" is that they have a slight learning disability.

The courtroom was packed with people supporting Irene and Tim, almost all were folks who were here for the filming two days prior. Jan Smith was there. I could never in a million years do what she does and sit through things like this in support of parents.

We must get the government out of the parenting and child business.

I love Irene and Tim, and my heart breaks for what they have endured and are continuing to deal with.

So many stories. They all cannot be lying
ah ha ha, he, he...I've signed it and shared it. It says:

To: Office of Legislative Services, 50 State House Annex , Trenton, NJ 08625-0068.

Family Court Judges are operating outside of their judicial role when they present themselves as experts in areas other than law.  Judges disrespect the bench when they disregard their own court orders, allowing endless violations of non compliant parents , and sending a dangerous, if not criminal, message to our children about respecting law and authority.   A Jury panel would help to reduce abuse of discretion and  providine for more equality based orders,  resulting in less appeals, and preserving the rights of parents to determine the best interest of their children as the rule, instead of the exception.

Kini's comments: This is so true all over our country. I have plenty of legal reason to alienate, "the sperm donor" from the children but I would NEVER do that!  I only hope the child learns from both of our mistakes. To me, that is most important. Besides, alienation will bounce back when they grow up and they find out the truth!

I do not touch family law myself, however, I always tell parents in custody battles to think of King Solomon and the mother with the baby. Today, a family can have mounds of litigation in custody battles, but it all boils down to the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, great judges like King Solomon are obsolete.

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