Wednesday, December 26, 2012

There Is A Lot Of Love Out There So Send Your Money Because Their Will Be More Unnecessary Tragedy

John Tesh:  People from around the world remember the victims and survivors of the Newtown, CT shooting this Christmas. Tens of thousands of teddy bears, Barbie dolls, soccer balls, board games were sent from toy stores, organizations and individuals worldwide. Millions of dollars pour into Newton in the aftermath of the tragedy. The United Way of Western Connecticut said the official fund for donations had $2.8 million in it. Others sent envelopes stuffed with cash to pay for coffee at the general store, and a shipment of cupcakes arrived from a gourmet bakery in Beverly Hills, California. The Postal Service reported a six-fold increase in mail in the town and set up a unique post office box to handle it. Some letters were addressed to the "First Responders" or just "The People of Newtown." Many contained checks. In fact, the United Way says it has no more room for gifts! They're encouraging people to donate to others in memory of Sandy Hook victims. There's a lot of love in this world. Sometimes we forget when we hear about tragedy after tragedy. But there is far more good and love in the world than we realize. 
Kini: This country will not get away with what you have done to our kids! So, be ready to send more of your money because G-d has implied in the Bible over 200x, "WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!"

Looks like we got two today!


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