Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Delusional People Who Perceive Harm From The Harmless

Stalking is one of the worst convictions anyone can be accused of.  Stalking was originally intended for people who make a “credible threat of death or great bodily injury” toward the victim, placing the victim in reasonable fear of the same.

The legislature may have compromised laws for other people who fell into a trap when Robert John Bardo murdered Rebecca Schaeffer and/or included the behavior of Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, and Mark Chapman.  The movie, Fatal Attraction, probably instigated a lot of wrongful convictions. Peeping toms or other insignificant behavior use to be misdemeanors. But, today, it could end up as a felony.

The common legal elements can be misconstrued to include ANY HARM at all. I've heard many depraved and indifferent persons laugh and bully people if someone is just looking at another person. I heard it in a trial once when a juror described her job as a grocery clerk stocker. The jokes are indescribably evil and should be considered bullying under bully laws because a person can be at the mercy of a corrupt court bent on completely destroying someone using depraved indifference.

A stalker conviction is heinous and can be worse than murder or rape or even someone who has been convicted as a sex offender. This status can literally cripple someone wrongfully accused. It can disintegrate physically and crush their will to live.  It gives vigilantes an opportunity to literally stalk that person. And, it can go on longer than any Nazi driven Holocaust. It is a form of torture and a psychological torment for someone who has been wrongfully convicted of such a crime.

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