Monday, September 9, 2013

All It Takes Is One Noisy Neighbor To Lose Your Child

RARE VICTORY!!! Little Luke Protected!! Full Custody to Mom! Pictured is Attorney Pat Barry with Protective Mom Yoli

The Story will air tonight at 5 and 10 pm PDT on Fox News L.A.  You can watch live streaming here:

Or view later in the Lost in the System series here:

Very Special Thanks to Fox News L.A. for putting the public spotlight on Luke's case! They were instrumental in getting Luke protected. Please email them and send thanks for their ongoing Lost in the System series:

Thanks to everyone who Court Watched in person and through Social Media. It made a difference--they knew we were watching!

Thanks to awesome civil rights attorney Pat Barry who fought long and hard for Little Luke and Yoli.

Thanks to Commissioner Debra Losnick for listening to Luke, considering all the evidence of sexual abuse and protecting him.

Shame on Minor's Counsel Dewana Willis for recommending full custody to the identified molester.

UNITED we WILL stop Court Licensed Abuse!

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