Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Baby Taken From Parents After Visiting Hospital...

Listen to the media experience frustration. Finally, the media is opening their eyes to what is going on. While this one case is being exposed, more likely than not, the hysteria may dismiss this case. However, there are countless other families torn apart that will never see their children because the United States Government is trafficking babies and children to get funding from Federal Title IV-E

CPS uses the excuses of privacy and juvenile matters to hide their dirty deeds behind closed doors.

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in San Francisco, California was notified that the United States had seized a 5 month old baby from parents Anna and Alex Nikolaev, who are reported to be from Russia. I hope this case has been reported to the Kremlin. Someone already got to the "Voice of Russia"

We even mistreat and abuse adoptive children from other countries!

(If there was ever a more Saintly lady, 
Ms. Shaefer was the one who tried to help 
the parent's worse nightmare)

Congress Woman Nancy Shaefer not only lost her seat in the Senate over these horrendous issues, but she and her husband also lost their lives in a double murder. The United States government called it, "a double suicide"

How the Courts Simulate the Legal Process
to Legalize Abductions

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Michael Borusiewicz said...

Just disgusting what they did to this amazing woman...