Sunday, April 22, 2012


 "God will not stand for what is happening to our children, and our families. His heart beats for these children. He will lift up the downtrodden. What is happening in America regarding Child Protective Services is a criminal, political phenomenon. And it must be brought to an end." ~Senator Nancy Schaefer 
Do My Sons Look Abused To You?
My sons were illegally snatched by child protective services when they were 3 and 5. Today, they are 19 and 21. CPS violated every law in the book. Although I am all over the internet, they have not contacted me. Did CPS destroy them?   Everything they are talking about is what happened to me. Then, don't go away, sign this petition:

My sons were out of Sacramento County: 

Do these kids look abused to you?

It is with great pain and sorrow that we announce the death by murder of Senator Nancy Schaefer. Nancy perhaps was known best for being an international hero to those who had their children stolen by corrupt family courts and unethical adoption agencies and practices, and those that had their children stolen through corrupt practices of the CPS.

Please leave your heart felt comments and condolences for Senator Nancy Schaefer and her family, and also please comment on whether or not you believe the media and authorities version of what happened to her. It is has become obvious from the press coverage of this so far that if this murder is going to be scrutinized the way it most defiantly should be it is going to take public pressure on the authorities and the press to bring that about.

Check out this article in the Gainesville times, Nancy's husband was not sick according to their daughter, so why is Georgia Republican State Sen. Don Thomas of Dalton going around telling the press he was? :

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