Monday, May 5, 2008

My Nightmare At The Horse Packing & Wilderness Skills Clinic

The Horse Packing and Wilderness Clinic is, in my opinion, THE EVENT OF THE YEAR. As a woman victimized by the U.S. Government in all it's evil and glory, it is the event I muster all of my courage to come out of my isolated detention headquarters to attend.

The first time I attended the Horse Packing and Wilderness Clinic, I met a wonderful person who is one of the most very popular and in demand horse hoof specialists.

Each of the four years I attended her clinic, I learned something wonderful about the strategy of barefoot hoof care and every year I hoped I could come up with the fee and arrangements to cargo my horses to her remote paradise in Northern Oregon.

About a month before the Clinic at the Klamath County Fairgrounds, I decided to go online and check into her website. I saw someone named Nancy Ash in the details as a person extremely involved . I knew a Nancy Ash in California. As thoughts raced through my mind of past trauma, the memories resurfaced. I put myself in the denial mode contending that it was not THE NANCY I knew from California. How could it be? She was way down south and I was way up north.

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Nancy started out as a friend of mine. She was a professional teacher who took a two year horseshoeing class with me. We became close through the years and suffered long hours in the freezing tempertures of a wide-spaced metal barn that made the snowy seasons often unbearable while learning instruction.

Nancy knew of the hostilities I had suffered at the hands of the U.S. Government and the human trafficking element the U.S. has subjected me to. She knew of the psychological, physical, and mental torture and corruption involved before the U.S. ran me out of California.

When your
family gets wiped out by the U.S. Government, there are scores of people who know you are vulnerable and they begin to notice your life is hanging by a thread. The over abundance of these people revel in cutting the thread so that you collape in the eternal horizon of hell. Nancy became one of these persons.

When the Klamath Fair gates opened, I started my journey at the largest educational and interactive equine expo in Oregon until I winded up at my favorite booth for hoofcare. My favorite ultimate equestrian source greeted me with a hug. Then I noticed the back of a woman who looked like Nancy. Sure enough, as the lady turned around, I realized it was THE NANCY ASH who betrayed my friendship and cut the last thread of my life as a result of a succession and spiral of events.

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The situation became kind of like when someone you know is about to die and you think you can prepare yourself for their death. And, you prepare and prepare, but when the time comes and that person dies, you aren't really prepared at all.

In good loving fun, I panicked and ranted some negative soliloquy. After all it wasn't Nancy's fault she filed the legal action that she did. It was only evidence of what the U.S. has subjected me to. And, as I walked away, I can imagine the slander she informed my favorite ultimate equestrian source with. Sure enough, the shroud of darkness began to cover my favorite event of the year.

I circled back around wondering how I was going to have to contest the defamation when I notice my favorite ultimate equestrian source had a laptop sitting on the table of her booth. I discretely informed Nancy that she was on my website. When her curiousity got the best of her, I
keyed in the website hoping that would forever stay in the memory of the laptop where my favorite ultimate equestrian source could stumble on the truth.

There are cruel office politics, school-yard and workplace bullying, and electorial campaign tactics of abuse. But, who could ever imagine a dirty scandal at one of the most pleasant happenings of the year. Once again I would be black-balled and ostracized like a criminal predator fit for the king of sexual deviants.

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